What is the Pink Himalayan?

Himalayan pink salt is a rare and precious mineral that has been used by early Chinese and Indian civilizations for their medicinal purposes and for artistic purposes. The stone has become so precious that it is mined only by the best and highly trained mine workers.

Himalayan pink salt, also called Pink Himalayan, is rock salt extracted from the Himalayan Salt Hills of Pakistan and Northern India and from the North Indian Himalayas. The salt has a pale pinkish tint because of mineral impurities. As it is mined, the color is slowly changed and the pink color fades to almost black. The pink hues come from iron oxides like iron sulfide and the color is changed into the shade of reds, browns and even yellows and blue-green shades.

It is not difficult to identify the grade of this salt because the coloring is usually consistent. The Pink Himalayan is a very rare mineral that cannot be found in any other rock salt. It was first found by German mineralogists during the World War I. Its name was derived from the color of the rock. This rare mineral makes it an excellent choice for natural gemstones.

Since its discovery, this stone has gained a lot of popularity among gemstone lovers. It is said that its color gives it an ancient and mystical appearance. This stone is extremely hard.

Like all the other natural minerals, it too has to undergo a series of treatments before it can be mined. As mentioned earlier, it requires intense care because of its rich color. This salt comes in a variety of different colors; some of the stones are brown, orange, pink, green, white and even red and blue.

There are many places where you can find the Pink Himalayan salt. In fact, it is mined mostly in the North Western regions of India such as Rajasthan and Bhilwara. Its name was originally derived from its pink tint the other mineral shades were added later.

Today, there are many companies that have set up shop near the mines in search of this rare and valuable Pink Himalayan salt. Because the price of this gem stone is very expensive, it is only imported by the most renowned and wealthy companies such as the British, German, Japanese, American and other multinational corporations.

As the Pink Himalayan is considered a status symbol, it is not very common with ordinary people and most of the local people have never heard of this rock. Its high price has made it popular with those who are in the know about natural stones.

The most common types of stones that this mineral comes in are sapphires, rubies, emeralds and sapphire blue salt. You will also find this rock in various colors such as lavender, turquoise, aqua, purple, aqua green, blue green, violet and pink.

There are several places where this gem stone can be found, but the best place is the Pink Himalayan salt mines. This rock is mined to be the most exquisite and expensive natural mineral in the world.

It is also known as the Pink Himalayan because it comes from the pink or red part of the mountain. The other names are pink quartz and red quartz.

The Pink Himalayan is an exquisite mineral that is very hard but does not come in a high quality because it can be treated in a laboratory.

Due to its value, it is very rare in nature and thus the demand for the pink Himalayan stone has increased. Because of its scarcity, the price is very high.

Another advantage of the pink Himalayan is that it is resistant to heat. It is also used in the manufacturing of medicines because it is highly absorbent and easily assimilates with other elements present in the medicine.

As a result of its high price, it is used to make jewellery and pendants as well. The pink Himalayan stone is a highly desirable stone. Because of its natural beauty, it is very popular among many people of all ages.

In terms of the color, the pink Himalayan has a pink tint because of the mineral composition. It is also known as a "true stone".