What Is Attendance Tracking Software?

With attendance tracking software, school staff can record, track and report student attendance. This is often found in other educational technologies for schools, such as Student management systems and learning management systems.

Some attendance tracking systems include hardware such as RFID scanners and other mechanisms that allow students to automatically sign-in in classes. Others focus only on providing software that computerizes attendance data and automates many attendance administration tasks.

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 school attendance tracking

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Schools choose attendance tracking software for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it can save time during class that would otherwise be spent attending. Better automation also improves student safety by identifying missing students in real-time.

Attendance tracking software features

All attendance tracking software concentrates on tracking student attendance data. Beyond this central storage for student data, there are a number of special opportunities that a point solution can provide:

-Seating plan

-Keep track of lunch

-Guard Portal/absence reporting

-Class planning

Some tracking software is designed primarily for internal school use, while others provide external portals.  Some products even allow parents to report reasons for absence or provide other attendance information.

Attendance tracking apps for teachers, schools, and students offer more than just attendance tracking. Teachers can record grades online, track student progress, report to parents, and administer classes.