What Are The Different Printing Methods Available?

There are different types of printing methods available and they’re continuing to evolve. Each type is suited to a different need and businesses can choose a printing technique that best highlights their products or service. 

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Here are some of the most well-known and commonly used types:

Offset Lithography: It is Often used for Rough-surfaced media e.g. wood, canvas, and cloth, and can also be used for books, paper, stationery, and more. It involves printing plates, usually made from aluminum, which each hold an image of the content that needs to be printed.

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Flexography: It is used for packaging and labels and anything with continuous patterns e.g. wallpaper and gift wrap. This style of printing uses quick-drying, semi-liquid inks, and can be used for high volume jobs.

Digital Printing: It is used for Posters, signage, Labels, newsletters, menus, and letters. In digital printing, images are sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs. This eliminates the need for a printing plate and can save time and money.

Screen Printing: It is popularly used for fabric banners, Posters, and printing logos and graphics onto clothes. Screen printing is a printing technique where fine material or mesh is used to transfer an image onto another material. The mesh is stretched out so it creates a screen and ink is pressed against it in order to successfully print the image.

There are many different printing methods available, so you can choose that suits best for your business needs.