The safe ways to detox your body and lose weight Fast

 Many of us go on a detox diet to prepare ourselves for a weight loss journey. Just in case you are wondering what detox is, it is simply when you cleanse the body to remove unwanted toxins that usually make you feel bloated. Typically a good cleanser diet can help quickly remove water weight in the body. Usually, a detox diet can involve a very long period of time of not eating heavy food.

   How to detox the body to lose weight?

Before you can start with the detoxification process you need to make that you are healthy, if necessary consult with your doctor. Here are some ideas below that you can use to start with the detoxification process.

  • Step 1: Get A Cleanse and Detox Supplement

One of the reasons I bring this first is that if you don't have a good foundation your detox will fail. According to this review post on meticore, the number one way to dexify your body is with a good supplement that can detoxify and cut your appetite at the same time. the goal when trying to cleanse your body is to eat less, drink more to remove the unwanted toxins.


  • Step 2 Intermittent Fasting

I would recommend that you eat your last meal as early as you can. Remember the goal is to eat less and drink more. If you feel hungry and starving try to drink some water instead of consuming food. This will allow you to prepare yourself for the  detoxification process. The following day if you can don't eat anything heavy until Midday, it's okay to drink coffee but limit yourself from things like bread and other heavy carbs that will destroy your goal


In a nutshell, detoxification is the process of cleaning your body to remove all the unwanted toxins that are destroying your life. A good diet is the key to cleanse your body, remember to drink a lot of liquid especially water.