Industrial Applications Of GPS Trackers In San Antonio

The mining and constructions industries today rely very heavily on GPS monitoring, tracking and navigational data and this is primarily because highway constructions, surveyors and marker pegs have been replaced with in-cabin vehicle guidance and control systems for excavators, graders, bulldozers and road paving machines.

These modern and state-of-the-art special vehicles allow their highly skilled drivers to program their vehicles to meet pre-programmed location plans so that the vehicles can achieve tight tolerance parameters for position, altitude and tilt.

Specifically integrated GPS tracking technology for high-precision open pit applications such as vehicle and equipment tracking and mine asset management. You can easily get these devices.

In such high-tech integration applications, critical GPS data is logged and translated by highly developed IT systems and linked to other technical applications to enable multi-functional targeting and multi-function control.

Companies that have integrated their vehicle and mine management systems include Leica Geo-Systems, Topcon Positioning Systems, and Trimble / Caterpillar.

Geodesy, Mapping and Geophysics

Advanced GPS survey technology uses L1 and L2 signal frequencies to position survey markers, buildings, bridges, airports, ports, train stations and various other large infrastructures. This technology is also used to determine aerial and terrain data using the Geographic Information System (GIS) application. You can also contact Satx Technologies to know more about GPS.

GPS is used extensively to collect terrain and aerial map data, sensitive physical formations such as volcanoes and fault areas, and to track / monitor seismic and incipient activity. There are many companies available that provide the high-quality GPS devices for your home and businesses.


One of the main features of satellite GPS technology is the accuracy, reliability and stability of the technology synchronicity. It has proven to be highly compatible for telecommunication applications.

Financial services

As local and international markets rapidly globalize, the global financial system, which enables, manages, plans and prioritizes digital money transactions, money transfers and audit trails, increasingly depends on a high-precision timing system.