The Sleek Mini Cooper Convertible For All Seasons

Mini Cooper convertible, costing more than 16,000 pounds in the street, is a beautiful model with a 3 in 1 roof that is ideal for all seasons. While you get protection for rain, you can soak up the sun during the long winter trip as well. It has some amazing features as well which will make it worth every pound you have to pay for it. There are so many Standard Sellers who make mini cooper the best all around the world.


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Chassis Features:

Attitude Mini Cooper Convertible is compact, but stable with wide front grille and shoulder seems widespread. Clusters for the taillights, the parts around the front headlamps, grille and door handles all have a beautiful Chrome finish line. Active roll-over bars in the rearview of the exterior gives the increase. The colors are very gentle to the eyes as well.

Mechanical Features:

It has an engine that delivers high performance. steep windshield so you can enjoy the fresh air feeling when you're driving the open. The gearbox is manual with 6 speeds. The energy used to violate reusably. It also has an auto start-stop function.


Mini Cooper Convertible can give a top speed of up to 123 miles per hour with maximum torque of 160Nm and carbon dioxide emissions of about 133 g / km. The six-speed automatic transmission provides sports mode for those who like an extra pick in the vehicle. It has an amazing dynamic control also constantly uses sensors to detect the direction where you want to go depending on the lateral acceleration and steering. 

If the Mini would in any other direction applies a correction through adjusting brake pressure and torque at each wheel, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents. There are also anti-lock brakes that let you stop suddenly with all the stability.