Six Steps that Ease Moving

Statistics reveal that most Indian move at least 5-6 times in their lives. Some move for work reasons, others to satisfy their moving itch, yet others for health reasons. Whatever the reason, moving is always a traumatic experience both physically and emotionally. You can easily hire top packers and movers in mohali through

It is not that hard and a move can be planned in six easy stages:

1. The first thing to do is create a moving plan. Start from at least six weeks before a move. Include details like items to be moved or stores, the dates the mover will pick up things, the date the truck will arrive at your new location and so on.

2. Create a move in plan by studying your new home carefully and planning the layout of each room. This will be a guidance as to what needs to be moved, what can be given away, and what is to be stored. Think cabinets, closets, attic, book shelves, toy cupboards and so on.

3. Organize your old home and get rid of clutter. Set a conquer chaos schedule. Segregate into essential, love too much, and can give away. Get boxes and bags and sort room by room and get rid of give away quickly before they become can’t do without. Remember anything you have not used in a year is give away.

4. Pack systematically. There are packing instructions and tips all over the World Wide Web. Just follow the instructions or if anything is extremely expensive, precious, or delicate let professional packers pack it.

5. Select a reliable mover. Insist on reading the contract and be sure you are protected. Read all the fine print and ask about insurance, permits, and so on.

6. Plan on arriving at least two days before the truck arrives. This will give you time to clean the home, turn on the utilities, and get your bearings before unpacking begins.