Elder Care and Healthy Living

The key to healthy senior living and elder care is to keep the older folks eating right and staying active. This may not be as easy as you think. Many seniors get into a relaxing mood, turn on the TV and turn off their minds, and end up wasting away. It's such a shame to see people deteriorate like this, but it is very common. Many experts suggest getting them involved in an athletic activity such as; "Walking, golf, aerobics, aqua aerobics, and swimming gardening."

Luckily,  there are lots of activities for seniors to do, they just need to get out there and do them, once they do they will end up loving every minute of it. Still, doctors say that is not enough, they also need to limit their alcohol intake and seniors should never smoke because as we age our lung capacity also takes a hit and we need all the oxygen we can get.

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It is important for anyone who is a caregiver to consider helping their eldercare patients develop positive and healthy habits. Not only those mentioned about but also encouraging brushing for teeth, self-care, taking showers regularly. It also makes sense to check up on their uses of cleaning products, soaps, and medicines, reading the labels and making sure they are used appropriately.

One final thing that, I'd personally like to recommend beyond the expert's advice above is so make sure that the inside house air is clean, check the vents, and filters. Indoor air with dirty filters can often be 3-4 times worse than outside air, it's just not right for them to have to breathe bad air. Please consider all this.