Dental Implant The Complete Treatment Plan In Singapore

Dental implants are the process of replacing teeth; A new suitable tooth that has been lost by a human being is an accident or illness or disease. People prefer dental implants that cannot chew food. 

However, you can get a dental implant treatment from to protect the roots of your teeth. Natural teeth or natural roots are replaced. It connects to the jawbone to help the replaced tooth chew food better. So you can enjoy your favorite flavors and foods.

– Dental implant assessment

– Healthy gums and microbes are needed before dental implants are placed

– The thick, strong jawbone supports the implant

– Any use of drugs and steroids by the patient will lower the immune system

– The patient's oral history was reviewed

 Implant type:

Endosteal implants –

This is a dental surgical implant into the jawbone. After the gums healed, a second operation was performed to attach the column to the original implant. Later, the denture is attached to a prosthetic bridge or ladder.

Subperiosteal implants –

This is a metal frame that attaches to the jawbone below the gum line. When the gums heal, a frame is attached to the jaw. Then, the rods are attached to the frame protruding into the gums, where the denture is attached.

Dental implant procedure

The process is painless but requires a dentist's effort. They are dental experts who work precisely in the field of dental implants, as well as members of the dental implant team. The professionals have experience in this field only because of the knowledge, training and all the facilities available in the clinic.