Advantages Of Data Center Colocation For Small And Medium Sized Companies

Small and medium-sized companies are turning toward data center colocation as a secure and affordable option for their online assets. Today’s online environment holds too many security risks for business owners to simply ignore. Servers need proactive management and aggressive protection against attacks.

Colocation includes the hands-on management, speed, space, power, and redundancy of premium hosting options for a much lower cost. You can also look for law enforcement data compliance via

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What is Data Center Colocation?

Colocation is a hosting solution in which you share server space with other businesses. But rather than storing those servers in some basement or office building, those servers are actively maintained in a data center, designed with strict safety and security specifications, and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The server that you own is on their rack in a safe environment. You also get an IP, bandwidth, and reliable power to your server.

Why Pay for Colocation?

Speed and Superior bandwidth. For the same reasons a giant chain store can sell canned goods for a lower price than a mom and pop grocery, data center colocation providers can sell your business-grade bandwidth for less than you can buy it on your own. Remember, bandwidth equals speed. Speed equals a more responsive website. More responsive websites get the sale while slow, clunky ones do not.

Power. The tech world uses the word “redundancy.” What that means is simply this: if your area experiences a wide-scale power outage, your servers keep running because of advanced power back-up systems.

Security. The World Wide Web is a dangerous place for any company lacking a vigilant and aggressive security plan. Reputable data center facilities are manned for physical security breaches and require proper identification just to enter the building. Most hosting companies maintain firewalls and run scanning software to monitor server activity and alert your business to suspicious activity.