How to Repair a Jammed Cordless Hedge Clipper

When you use gasoline or electric hedge clipper, the blades are extremely likely to jam, especially when the machine is too heavy to manage. Sometimes blades can obscure the area you're trimming and jam the trimmer upside down. Dull blades of hedge clippers are somewhat more likely to be damaged after multiple applications.


First, for security reasons, turn off the trimmer and unplug the power supply so you are not accidentally triggered while functioning. Take a better look at the blades to ascertain how they jammed in the first place. Freely split any branches which are in the blade. Additionally, it may allow you to unscrew the scissors, utilizing them to clip the missing. All broken wood has to be sheared.

You can assess the pruning for any damage and debris by putting it on a flat surface. It's likely that much of wood debris was caught between the teeth of this hedge trimmer. A dowel will let you push the debris which lies between the teeth outside it. Always wear protective gloves so you don't cut your fingers in the process.

If any of the blades pop or the teeth of this trimmer drop out of the original shape, the trimmer could endure additional damage. The blade has to be replaced regularly, particularly if the damage is suspected. If you are not damaged, you can sharpen the blade. Sharper blades can cut cleaner and also have a smaller probability of getting jammed.

When the blades are repaired, you should take preventative measures to ensure that they don't jam again when possible. This often involves sharpening the blades sharpening them after excessive use and cleaning them with soap and warm water after every use. The soap allows you to eliminate any debris and sap that assembles.