What To Consider When Choosing LED Strip Light

The LED strip lights, ribbons, or tapes have become one of the most popular LED products on the market. They replace not only the light bulb strip, but also several fluorescent tubes, and offer endless possibilities to advertise and decorate bars, hotels, and other public places. 

With the rapid development of best led strip light technology, it is now available in a very bright version so that the user can use it as a task or, in rare cases, as the primary light source. Its use is popular in the private and commercial sectors. 

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Therefore, we have compiled the main lighting strip features that consumers need to consider to make the right choice.

Depending on our goals, the following features can help us decide what to implement:

– The size or type of LED is on.

– The number of LEDs in one meter of the strip

– LED color or color temperature

– belt flexibility

– the direction of the LEDs on the strip

– Load capacity – heavy loads

– IP rating

– voltage

– Dimmers and controls

Of all the determinants above, perhaps the most important is the type and size of the LEDs, both of which determine their brightness or performance.

Another determining factor for performance is of course the number of LEDs in the strips per meter. The higher the number, the lighter the blade, although very high numbers in one meter often require special technology.