Reasons To Consider All On Four Dental Implants

With all the support needed to hold a customized prosthetic dental bridge in place, All on Four dental implants in Colleyville do not exert any pressure on the soft tissues in the mouth, nor do they rub against the gums. 

Dentures, which rest directly upon the gums covering the jaw bone ridge, have a rather nasty reputation for causing pain and inflammation of this soft tissue and can lead to the development of painful sores that aren't given a chance to heal. 

All-on-4 implant in Colleyville doesn't go hand-in-hand with everyday challenges:

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Because removable dentures rely upon their bulkiness to remain stable in the mouth, they tend to come with all kinds of nasty challenges. 

Dentures impede taste ability and the hard plastic that covers the soft palate can trigger the gag reflex. This is over and above the need to remove them after meals and at nighttime for cleaning. 

Yet even those that are meticulous about keeping their dentures free of food will notice that they tend to harbor bacteria, causing chronic bad breath. All on Four dental implants in Colleyville provide solid 'anchorage' for a prosthetic dental bridge, which, as a result, doesn't need to be bulky at all. 

All on four dental implants in Colleyville enable you to eat all the foods you love:

One of the problems denture-wearers most frequently complain of is the inability to really enjoy their meals and to eat all the foods they used to love. Unfortunately, because dentures rest upon the jaw bone ridge, they transmit all the forces associated with eating and chewing directly to the underlying soft tissues. 


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