Key Practices Using Which Architecture Firms Innovate And Integrate New Technologies

Now is a growing age for experimentation and innovation that will lead to reliable and sustainable results for every project undertaken. Given the fast-paced design environment and slow modernization in the MEA industry, it can be difficult for architectural firms to innovate or experiment with new technologies, processes, or workflows. 

However, with the rapid advancement of technology such as BIM Services Architecture, it has become a necessity for these companies such as INJ Architects to provide facilities and space for research and development, innovation, and experimentation, otherwise, they risk being left in this race.

What Does Your Architectural Style Say About You?! -

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While adapting to innovation is necessary, understanding the nature of work is to make the project manager accountable to clients and stand out first. While they are in the best position to decide whether to choose an existing option or try new technology, they have never been appreciated, supported, or encouraged to do so. 

The main practices for integrating new tools and technologies are:

Support Experimentation: 

Architectural firms need to support project managers and their consultants to learn, try, and experiment with new technologies and processes in architecture style. However, companies need to make sure to have separate budgets for such things so that there are sufficient training costs and training curve, adding team members if necessary, and so on so that it does not affect costs and project planning. The general idea is to reduce risk through experimentation and increase success rates.

What Does Your Architectural Style Say About You?! -

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Encouraging and Engaging Learning and Growth: 

Innovation comes from the mind that encourages and motivates continuous growth and learning. However, there must not only be an environment and structure supported by the construction company, but also the direction. This means that any research that is undertaken must be carried out systematically on an experimental basis, starting with a hypothesis, to find a way of calculating the results carefully and understanding what works and what doesn't.

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