Brief Description on Tire Chains

Before shopping for a tire chain, make sure it’s legitimate to use it in your country. After you determine which chain will make you safe, the driver then must consult with the owner’s manual to determine which type of chain can be used on their vehicle. 

The buyer must also consider how he plans to use the chain. Drivers have many choices to choose a tire chain (Also known as ” โซ่ยาง “ in the Thai Language). 

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Diamond tire chain, which has a cross chain that runs on a tread at intersecting angle, is better for heavy duty use because some parts of the chain are always between tires and roads. 

On the other hand, the ladder tire chain allows a small space between the cross bar where the tire contacts to the road. However, the ladder chain is still most often used, perhaps due to the fact that it is lighter.

When buying a tire chain, drivers must ensure to pre-fit them before actual use. The driver must practice attaching a chain to the wheels several times, because it is often difficult to do – especially if you try the first time along an ice-covered road. 

When installing a tire chain, apply it as fast as possible by hand for the maximum chain life.  After installing the chain according to the direction of the manufacturer, the driver must be driving around a quarter of a mile, stop, and rethink the chain. Another important thing to remember when driving with a tire chain is watching your speed.