Cartooning: Its Unique Characteristics and Uses

Cartoons are simple designs or drawings with fantastic features that are satirical or entertaining and usually published in magazines, newspapers, or periodicals. Greatest cartoons link words and drawings to convey their messages, while others express their message through drawings only. The artist who specializes in creating cartoons is called a cartoonist.

Use generally cartoonists few details of a particular character that allows us to easily identify while exaggerating the other features of the same characteristics such as the head, hands, feet, or just to create humor.

For example, the size of the head of a cartoon character maybe a third or half of the body length. oversized heads are normally used by cartoonists to direct the attention of major players’ facial expressions of the characters as a smile, a grin, strabismus, anger, etc.

The figures are also used as alternatives by cartoonists to help them tell their stories. For example, a dark cloud over the head of a character may indicate that the character is in despair or problem while a bulb on the head may indicate a brilliant idea gained by the character.

Each separate scene of a cartoon is called a panel. The printed text that accompanies and defines the action of a cartoon character usually in a confined space is called a ball.

Several features can easily help a person identify the drawings of the comic strip. Some of them include:

1. The human or animal figures are known as “characters” are shown in the drawings of the comic strip.

2. Few details of the characters are shown in the drawings of the comic strip.

3. Cartoon drawings are not realistic but representational.

4. There is always an exaggeration or culmination of some part of the body of the character, such as the head, hands, eyes, nose, etc.

5. Cartoon drawings are humorous, satirical, and dramatic.

6. Facial expressions and feelings of a character such as happiness, anger, pain, etc. Normally indicated by the size and position of the eyes and mouth.